Selling Guide

Firstly choosing the right Estate Agent in Waterford is key if you want to achieve the best price, William Quinlan Auctioneers will work tirelessly in the interest of the vendor throughout the course of the sale. This will include keeping both parties (vendor and purchaser) and solicitors up to date throughout the sales process, we deliver the best price (not to be confused with highest valuation amount) in an honest and transparent manor from the beginning. Our vendors say we are simply the best and make them feel in control at all times with the best advice and the end of a phone line and they are never afraid to make a call if they have any questions or queries.

At the start of the sale process we recommend that you contact your solicitor and obtain your Title Deeds as soon as your property is advertised for sale. If your property is mortgaged you will need to sign an authorisation form with your solicitor in order for the bank to release the title deeds to your solicitor. Having the deeds ready will ensure that your solicitor can draft contracts as soon as a sale has been agreed.

First impressions are the most important. Research shows that a potential buyer makes a decision within the first 30 seconds into a viewing.

  • Make sure that the property looks as good as possible from both outside and inside.
  • Create pleasant smells such as baking bread, coffee and fresh flowers. Stale tobacco or pet smells may turn people off properties.
  • Make sure your house is warm and if you have an open fire in the living room light it, if possible.
  • In the winter time if the viewing is arranged for after dark, make sure to leave all lights on before the agent arrives.
  • It is important to vacate the property before the viewing unless requested to remain by your agent.
  • Be realistic throughout the negotiation process property prices have fallen over the last 4 years.

On reaching agreement on a sale a booking deposit will be paid to the agent by the purchaser, and the property is now marked SALE AGREED, N.B. this booking deposit is held on behalf of the purchaser and remains fully refundable until contracts are signed and the balance of the 10% deposit is paid. The agent will write to both solicitors and furnish them with a memorandum of sale outlining both parties’ intentions. The vendor’s solicitor will then prepare contracts and send to the purchaser solicitor for signing. At this stage the purchaser solicitor will ask various questions about the property and title etc. (usually called requisition on title). Once the purchasers solicitor is satisfied that the title is good and mortgage is in place the purchaser will then sign the contract and pay the remainder of the deposit usually bringing the total deposit up to 10%. The vendor will then be requested by the solicitor to countersign the contract. Once both parties have signed and contracts have been exchanged, the transaction is deemed to be binding by both parties. On the day of closing the balance of funds are transferred and the keys are released.

Remember that the first time viewing of a property for a potential purchaser is the most important. Do your property justice to enhance the salability of your property thus giving it the best possible chance to achieve the best possible price.

When the closing date arrives you should, ensure that you have done the following:

  • Read and take note of your meter readings.
  • Apply for electricity, gas and telephone services to be continued in your new home.
  • Cancel your building insurance if you do not have a mortgage on your old home.
  • Cancel payments in respect of your previous mortgage.
  • Change your TV licence over to new address.
  • Inform An Post of your move and have all your mail redirected to your new address. There is a charge for this facility and we recommend you confirm in writing of a change of address to all users of your postal address.